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RIP Ray Manzarek

"no such thing"
For some reason I just never "got" The Doors. Hearing of Manzarek's sad demise, I went to YouTube earlier this evening to try a few tracks to see if, finally, I could find something to love.

Instead, because Earth Opera used quite often to open for them, I was almost immediately diverted toward this track from what was in fact my less favourite of the two Earth Opera albums (although still good enough that I bought a CD upgrade, you bet). Here's "All Winter Long", if you're in the mood.

"Mad Lydia's Waltz" is another fave from that album (it's very Mervyn Peake, I've always thought). And anyone who thinks America's foreign wars are a true brill, democracy-enhancing exercise might want to feel the pain in that album's title track, "The Great American Eagle Tragedy".

Earth Opera was one of those bands I hated on first listen. My pal Dave told me I'd like the band, so I dutifully went out and bought the first album, Earth Opera. The first two or three times I played it I thought, Dammit, I'm going to extract the cost of this LP from Dave's hide -- even though he was at the time the boyfriend of my dearly beloved actress pal Jackie Skarvellis, who wanted the three of us to be a megablockbusting rock group. The next time I played Earth Opera, though, I loved it to pieces, and I played it a gazillion times thereafter. In fact, I've dug out my CDs of the two Earth Opera albums and have been playing them both just now, VERY LOUDLY INDEED.

Other bands/albums I couldn't stand on first listening that then became staples of my existence? The Band. The Incredible String Band. String Driven Thing (just the first album; the rest sucked as the band lost its mainsprings and dumbed down). Lots more that I'll think about tomorrow morning. Eric Andersen's Blue River. Schoenberg. Oh, wait a minute: Schoenberg wasn't a band or an album.


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