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Under the Rose -- ToC

And, no, I'm not talking about a lotusvine-like adventure under the ceiling-rose, but about the new anthology edited by Dave Hutchinson (hutch0) that Norilana Books (norilanabooks) will be publishing in October. After many an entreaty and oft, the doughty editor has supplied me with a copy of the ToC:

Plant Hunter – Pauline E. Dungate
Office Job – Tim Lieder
Five Hundred Vinnies – William John Watkins
Perambulations – Mel Sterling
Chain Letter, Inc. – Jean Graham
Side Effects – Ken Rand
Dragon Bait – Teri Smith
Indian Summer – Liza Granville
Galactic Exchange – Ralan Conley
Mrs Donovan – Stuart Jaffe
The Man Who Pulled Shiny Things out of the Air – C.L. Russo
Mother Russia’s Egg – James Targett
Miss – Ren Holton
Fool’s Gold – Donna Scott
A Distant Scent of Rain – Justin Stanchfield
Sojourner – Lou Anders and Chris Roberson
The Outsider – Ian Whates
Eaten Cold – Gaie Sebold
California Fairy Story – Jean Tschohl Quinn
The Day New York Reached Heaven – Angel Arango
The Tale of a More Ancient, Ancient Mariner – Liza Granville.
Sagekites’ Land – E Sedia
When Whales Cry – Edwina Harvey
Tricky Penny Pound – Sarah Totton
Mary Nackley – William R. Eakin
Yeast Virus – Uncle River
The Beach Of The Drowned – John Grant

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